Prices of dried figs Major Grade 1


The prices of dried figs (the price of fresh dried figs) depend on their type and quality. White figs have a higher price than other figs and are usually marketed as nuts.
All kinds of dried figs are sold in the fig store at high quality and reasonable prices. The price of each kilo of dried figs depends on its type. Anjirtak store provides you with the best-dried figs in Iran. For more information on the prices of dried figs and purchase of this product, you can contact our partners in the sales team.
There are different types of figs, but dried figs have more different types depending on the processing.
Due to the inflation in the market, it is not possible to determine the price or rate fixedly and numerically. For more information on the prices of dried figs, you can refer to the sites that provide this product in a specialized way. In these stores, the daily market price is provided to you along with the quality of the products.Prices-of-dried-figs

Prices of dried fig and grading

It should be noted that the prices of dried figs also depend on the grading of the fruit.
1. Grade “3A” dried figs: In this grade, you will have figs that possess a size of 24 to 28 mm. The pigments of the fruit are solid white and maybe only up to 15% of the grains of this package have a dark color.
2. Grade “2A” dried figs: In this category of figs that are sold in stores, you will buy fruits that have a diameter of 22 to 24 mm. To complete the guide to buying dried figs you need to know, that if the figs are opened, you have to pay more for them. If you buy the same size as a closed-end, it will cost less than slotted figs.
3. Grade “A” dried figs: Figs of this grade are between 18 and 22 mm in size. Figs in this category are usually small and their ends are usually closed. It is because usually ten percent of these figs are cracked open.Prices-of-dried-figs1

Online shopping

It is possible to buy dried figs online from Estahban city and also from abroad. By accessing the source of dried figs, in addition to buying high-quality figs, you can get first-class dried figs at the lowest price. By buying this product from face-to-face stores, you will have to pay the seller or the brand of the provider. You can see the prices of dried figs on the website or contact the sales agency of this product directly.
When buying bulk figs, you should know that you have to pay a different price based on the volume of your purchase. Bulk figs usually have different figs in size. Figs in small and large sizes are in a package and because dark and light colors are mixed, their price is considered less than packaged figs.
To know the price of figs of different breeds, it is better to refer to the sites for selling dried figs online. You can find out how many dried figs are on the market online at any time of the day or night.Prices-of-dried-figs2

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