Instructions for buying dried figs


What to do for buying dried figs

Did you know that buying dried figs from Estahban gardens is as easy as pie? This city, which is located in Fars province, Iran, is the center of production and exporting figs to the whole world.
In addition to our activities in the field of purchasing, we are also active in the preparation and export of dried figs. This fruit with high nutritional value is used in the preparation and production of various sweet foods. But how can you buy from us?
Before buying bulk figs, it is better to contact our partners in the consulting and sales department. Although dried figs are a fruit whose juice is taken, there are two varieties in the market. We are a supplier of fresh dried figs.
You can also fill out the contact form on the website to buy this product or any other fig products. This time our sales team will contact you.
In addition to wholesale, these figs are also offered in retail in this store. Online shopping is one of the most ideal ways to access this sweet and high-quality product. Also, buying dried figs from us is without intermediaries and our agencies are active in most cities in Iran.

Instructions for buying dried figs

Buying from gardeners

Buying dried figs is an easy job to do both for consumers and supply stores. They are bought from fig gardeners by small consumers and major supply stores. Both ordinary people and business owners can purchase at a reasonable price directly from fig gardeners.
Buying without intermediaries can be done easily through the internet. However, you can also walk closely in the ancient orchards of this product and watch the history, tradition, and culture of Iran in planting, holding, and harvesting figs.
With the advent of the Internet, buying and selling, especially the purchase of the product from fig gardeners to supply the products of face-to-face stores, has become very convenient and can be done as soon as possible.

Instructions for buying dried figs

Grading and buying dried figs

In face-to-face and online stores, with the knowledge of fig supply methods, you can make better purchases with more awareness. Dried figs are offered in different packages in various grades.
Grade, “AAA, AA, and A” are among the grades that are priced based on the size of the fig seeds. In the mentioned order, the price of the product has decreased and in each grade, if the fig is opened (as we call it “PARAK”), its price will be higher than the closed fig.

Instructions for buying dried figs


When is the best time for buying dried figs?

You should not miss the summer season for buying dried figs. If you want Estahban figs, it is better to register your order from Estahban fig supply stores. buying dried figs does not require a special season and this product can be supplied from different stores throughout the year. Fresh figs are a favorite of many people and maybe offered at high prices in the different fruit markets. But if you want to buy a large volume of this fruit at a more reasonable price, you can register your order directly and online and have the product delivered to your home.



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